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Charitable Donations

When preparing tax returns, a frequent item of discussion with my clients revolves around charitable contributions. Some of my clients seem to believe that any transaction they have with a charity entitles them to a contribution deduction. This, of course, is not true so what follows is a primer of some of the actual rules regarding claiming charitable contributions. These types of donations generally do… Read more »

Tips for Better Site Content

When creating a website or adding content to a new site it is always a good practice to keep the search engines in mind. What I mean by that is the quality of your content is what gets you found on the web. When adding content to a page it is a good practice to make sure there is a theme, a few key words… Read more »


One word describes how we enjoy and win in life: ENERGY. Our wealth and health as people depends on our access to energy. Period. Nations grow wealthy by developing and acquiring access to natural resources, read: Energy. All wars are fought over energy. Blown away with this insight in my early twenties I was driven to universities and abroad to study bio-energetics, the go-power of… Read more »

Amma Touch Tip to Health and Wellness

Amma Touch Tip for a Proactive Approach to Health and Wellness: One of the services I offer my clients as part of receiving regular massage from me is to teach them how to take better care of themselves. And one of the keys I have found that works so well is to bring ones self present to your own body. The way to do this… Read more »