Tips for Better Site Content

When creating a website or adding content to a new site it is always a good practice
to keep the search engines in mind. What I mean by that is the quality of your
content is what gets you found on the web. When adding content to a page it is a
good practice to make sure there is a theme, a few key words that relate to your
site either business or idea. If you write a blog, stick the theme of your blog. Don’t
write about restaurants one week then write about nuclear fission the next without
having a common thread. For instance, if you live in San Luis Obispo, how chickens
act in San Luis Obispo and what nuclear physicists came out of Cal Poly.
If you are adding content to a page on your site, make sure that you page headings,
content and image titles all have a relationship with the words they use. For
instance, if you sell iphones, your images should have the words Iphone in the
alternative text, the heading and content also use similar wording.
By doing simple things like this you can help your site be found on the internet
without paying companies way too much money to do this for you. I am a firm
believer in saving money where ever I can.

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